Meet Haley Hartley

The Julius Friedman Foundation is pleased to announce the first recipient of the Julius Friedman Foundation Scholarship in Graphic Arts.

Congratulations Haley Hartley!

Haley graciously answered some questions for us at the end of the fall semester so that we can get to know her better. 

Julius Friedman Foundation (JFF): Why did you decide to study graphic design?
Haley: I chose graphic design because of its constant evolution, diverse perspectives, and endless learning possibilities. My daily life involves creation and design, and I wanted to turn that passion into a career. During high school, my art teachers recognized that I had an eye for graphic design that appeared within my artwork, igniting my interest and clarification to pursue it further. Despite lacking prior experience, I embraced the challenge, and thankfully, it evolved into my foremost passion.

JFF: Why did you choose University of Louisville?
Haley: Moving to Louisville offered me fresh opportunities and new outlooks. I am from Dayton, Ohio and my mom moved here when I was in high school, which allowed me to get in-state tuition at a Kentucky college. After exploring colleges in both Ohio and Kentucky, I narrowed my options to two institutions with excellent Graphic Design programs. I felt the University of Louisville and the Hite Institute of Art and Design offered an environment where I could flourish, both academically and within the community.

Haley Hartley

JFF: How has the Julius Friedman scholarship helped you?
Haley: The Julius Friedman Scholarship in Graphic Arts provided not just financial support but also strengthened my confidence and reminded me of my potential. The semester I got this award, I was dealing with traumatic events I never thought would happen. Engaging in my projects and being able to express my creativity was something that helped me cope and was the light in my life that never dissolved. This scholarship recognition made me feel like my hard work is heard and paying off. After five years of college, I will be graduating in May with a BFA in Graphic Design and a Minor in Communication. The support and honor of receiving the Julius Friedman Scholarship benefitted me in this accomplishment. Julius Friedman, himself, has inspired me in my journey with graphic design and giving back to the community, I am deeply grateful. 

JFF: What are your future plans after graduation?
Haley: Besides getting a job and a new place to live after graduation, my future plans are still a little unknown but unknown is only experience and opportunity awaiting. Settling for a job is not in my interest, but rather doing what contributes to my happiness, working my way up, and being able to show the world my graphic design.

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